Napkins on wedding tables are often overlooked, but can enhance your table decorations dramatically with very simple, inexpensive touches.

If you are having double sashes on your chair covers you can reflect the sash colours on your napkins as well. This is time consuming, but a lot of function centres are happy for you to collect the napkins a week prior to allow time for tying.

DL menus can be added to the napkin, sitting flat or in a napkin pocket . The DL menus can also double as place cards with your guests names on top of each menu.

Flowers add a sweet touch to the napkins, orchids are perfect because they can last quite well in the warmer weather.

For a formal touch, you may like to consider napkins in a sail fold. The sails give a very formal look, perfect for black & white themes. The height of the centrepiece does need to be considered with sails to avoid it disappearing with the height of the napkins.

There are also many creative ways of using your napkin for a place card. For a country vintage theme, twine , luggage labels and daisies could be used. Or perhaps just a simple daisy on the napkin. Dodda vine and an orchid were perfect for a recent bird themed table. A starfish was used for a beach theme, but could have easily doubled as a place card with the addition of a name tag tied on with a sandy coloured ribbon.

One of the cheapest bombonieres is simply to place a chocolate heart on the napkin. Chocolate hearts are available in a large colour range and can complement most bridal themes. Placing three in a vertical row looks great too.

So when decorating your wedding tables, remember the humble napkin:)